Self-service check-in

Get your trip started

Kiosk check-in is a convenient way to check in at the airport. You can also make trip updates and requests and get ready to check your bag.


Touchless check-in

We sanitize our kiosks often, but now you can check your bags in a hands-free experience at most U.S. airports. Just check in before your trip, select checked bags and get your mobile or printed boarding pass. At the airport you'll scan your boarding pass at a kiosk to automatically print your bag tag, then attach it for drop-off at bag drop.


You are:

  • The only person in your reservation
  • Flying within the U.S.
  • Booked in the main cabin

How it works

  1. Begin check-in online or on the app
  2. Select the number of bags to check and pay if needed
  3. Download your boarding pass or print it off at home
  4. Find a kiosk that offers touchless printing at the airport
  5. Scan your mobile or paper boarding pass to print your bag tag

After you attach your bag tag, you can bring your bag to a team member at bag drop.


To access your reservation or to check in:

  • Scan your paper or mobile boarding pass
  • Enter your 6-character record locator (e.g. 'NSYYSZ')
  • Enter your AAdvantage® number

Once your trip appears on the screen, you can:

  • Print your boarding pass
  • Add an infant (under age 2) that's traveling on your lap (U.S. reservations only)
  • Print your bag tags and attach to your checked bags
  • Change or buy a seat

More options

You can request standby, upgrades and more online before your flight. If you still need to make updates, you can do so on a kiosk:

  • Stand by for earlier or later same-day flights
  • Confirm a same-day flight change
  • Buy a day-of-departure upgrade
  • Request a 500-mile upgrade
  • Buy additional AAdvantage® miles
  • Request a receipt

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