AAdvantage® co-brand credit card terms

Updated September 16, 2023

Effective March 1, 2022, AAdvantage® members must have Qualifying Activity once every 24 months, or be the primary holder of an open AAdvantage® credit card account associated to their AAdvantage® account, in order to retain their miles. “Qualifying Activity” is defined as redeeming any AAdvantage® award or accruing mileage credit on any eligible American, or AAdvantage® airline participant, as well as accruing mileage credit with participating hotels, car rental companies, credit cards, and other service providers offering AAdvantage® mileage credit. The primary AAdvantage® credit cardmember should refer to their AAdvantage® card agreement to understand their obligations to keep the account open, and understand the conditions under which their AAdvantage® credit card issuing bank may close the account, including inactivity. Unless otherwise stated, if your account has no Qualifying Activity in any 24-month period, all miles in the account will expire. Primary AAdvantage® credit cardmembers will not be subject to the 24-month Qualifying Activity period. However, upon closure of the AAdvantage® credit card account, AAdvantage® members will be subject to the 24-month Qualifying Activity requirement and must have mileage earning or redeeming activity within 4 months of closure or within 24 months of the last Qualifying Activity date, whichever is later, in order to retain their miles and their expiration date will be determined by the later date of the two. For new AAdvantage® credit cardmembers it will take up to 24 hours after the bank’s approval until their accounts reflect that no expiration date applies to their miles. Qualifying Activity extends the expiration date of all unexpired mileage credit in your account for 24 months from the date of the Qualifying Activity. The 24-month activity requirement will not apply to AAdvantage® members under age 21. Once an AAdvantage® member turns 21 years of age, their account must have mileage earning or redeeming activity within 24 months of their 21st birthday in order to retain their miles. If your account does not include a birth date in the member profile, the account will be subject to the 24-month activity rule.

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